About the Salt Marsh Alliance, Inc
Location: Ave U & East 33rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11234         phone: 718-421-2021          e-mail: info@saltmarshalliance.org
The Salt Marsh Alliance, Inc., a not-for profit organization, was formed
in 2002 .

Many of the programs occurring at the Salt Marsh Nature Center are
volunteer based and supported by the Salt Marsh Alliance (SMA). The
SMA is a registered not-for-profit organization dedicated to
environmental education.  Its goal is to help ensure that the center
remains a vital, and beautiful  part of the community and to encourage
optimum  use of the facility by area residents.

The Salt Marsh Nature Center opened on Earth Day in April 2000. In
addition to a salt marsh, its grounds include upland meadows,
waterways, and tidal flats. The open waters of Gerritsen Creek are an
important refuge for ducks, geese and waterfowl. This wetland
ecosystem can be viewed from nearly 5 miles of shoreline.

Join our effort to maintain stewardship of our creek and wetlands.
This is your opportunity to do something truly beneficial to your
The Salt Marsh Alliance, inc needs you!   
Please visit the SMA website at:  saltmarshalliance.org