About SMA

The Salt Marsh Alliance, Inc. (SMA) was formed in 2002 to support the Salt Marsh Nature Center. The SMA plays a pivotal role in the smooth operation of the Nature Center in partnership with NYC Parks' Urban Park Rangers. Many of the programs occurring at the Nature Center are volunteer-based and supported by the SMA. As a registered not-for-profit organization dedicated to environmental education, the SMA provides a way for private citizens and local businesses to contribute to the maintenance of the Nature Center.

The SMA's goal is to help ensure that the center remains a vital and beautiful part of the community and to encourage optimum use of the facility by area residents. The beautifully landscaped gardens that remind one of Monet and Van Gogh paintings were established by the volunteers of the SMA. In addition, we contribute to the care of our wildlife whose residences are within the tanks of the Nature Center. Throughout the year, the SMA organizes and presents several cultural, art and entertainment events for the public, such as the Earth Day Festival and Harvest Festival.

Click here to join our effort to maintain stewardship of our creek and wetlands. This is your opportunity to do something truly beneficial to your community.