Nature Center

The Salt Marsh Nature Center (SMNC) located at 3302 Ave. U in Marine Park Brooklyn, opened on Earth Day in April 2000. It is the crown jewel of Urban Park Ranger Nature Centers in New York City, of which there are ten. The Rangers offer the Natural Classroom for school groups and provide free community programs for all ages, as well as maintain the building, grounds and nature trails.

The SMNC plays a vital role in our neighborhood as an in-park community center for public education, recreational activities and environmental workshops. The center serves as a starting point for walking tours of Marine Park, which is Brooklyn’s largest park with 530 acres of grassland and precious salt marsh. This wetland ecosystem, protected as a Forever Wild Preserve, can be viewed from nearly five miles of shoreline. The salt marsh protects our environment and is home to a multitude of native flora and fauna. In addition to the marsh; the park includes upland meadows, waterways and tidal flats. The open waters of Gerritsen Creek are an important refuge for ducks, geese and other waterfowl.

Other reasons to check out the SMNC include periodic exhibits highlighting the diversity of our landscape and informational material such as trail maps and nature center brochures. Be sure to pick up Outdoors in NYC, a newsletter that lists our walks, tours and special events.

We are open every weekend from 12 noon to 4:00 pm.

Come visit!